Alex Willey is the founder and director of AW Rénovations. Born in Nottinghamshire in the UK, he has been working on building sites since the age of 15 where he began learning his trade as a joiner/carpenter. After spending over 10 years in Cumbria, working as a joiner/carpenter he made the move to the Alps with his wife Neímh.

Throughout his career, he has specialised in major property renovations. This experience has given him a deep insight into how a large, complicated job should work at every stage.

When Alex isn't working he will often be found in the mountains; on skis, road bike, rock climbing or mountaineering.

Alex has built up a team of expert tradespeople that make the company as strong as it is; without them we simply couldn't exist. Every person working on our projects is there because of the skill and experience that they have to offer and because they are passionate about what they do. Our team is extremely tight knit and Alex works hard to create a healthy working environment that everyone can thrive and develop in.